Session 2

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The Lone Mountain boys, having regrouped west of the bygone factory, commenced a complicated and well-executed infiltration of said factory. Once inside they explored in a suitably cautions manner, slowly unveiling the original supposed purpose of the bottling facility. Several partially operational robot assembly line workers were divested of their radioactive batteries. Other useful artifacts of the ancients were discovered as well.

All was going swimmingly until Sleepy Pete, a here-to-fore unmentioned member of the group, decided to act as bait in a giant plastic bottle lake. A monstrous centipede took the bait and forced the group back into the factory floor, not before it decapitated ole’ Sleepy. Poor Pete, we hardly knew ye…

Deciding to avenge their newly mentioned oldest and dearest friend, the party was able to force open one of the stuck doors to the ball pit and slowly drain it until the centipede’s lair was revealed. A mighty battle ensued but the coordinated attack of the Lone Mountain Boys was too much for the centipede. Once the room was cleared several useful artifacts were recovered as well.

While packing up their wagon the group was approached again by Lar Do. It seems the Suidoid were not completely forthcoming with the group in their previous encounter. They revealed that their tribe was harboring one of the missing former explorers from the Lone Mountain Bunker and Colony, a mutated Lemur named Twichee. Odd how that worked out, one member of the group dies and a new one appears shortly after. Circle of life and all that…

After taking as much as they could carry, the Lone Mountain Boys, headed around the lake to the village of Mik Owster. There they were welcomed as the merchant traders they purported to be. Some of the group set up their wares in the village green while the rest got a tour of the village from the headman, Simon.

Those on the tour were introduced to Simons brother-in-law, Pol, who is the current village Shaman. Pol allowed the party into the village temple where they discovered the inhabitants of Mik Owster worship a mysterious wanderer who saved the village from some unspecified evil in the distant past. Jim Beam, having been the most awestruck of the statue of The Wanderer was pulled aside by Pol and asked if he would undertake a mission to gather Sweetwater for Pol.

Simon also revealed to the tour group that the village had been raided by small groups of Pigmen in recent months. They have coordinated attacks on the village from the hills and attacked with some kind of magic weapons. Also, a mutant bird of some sort named Feathers was introduced.

The commercially inclined party members harvested several pieces of ancient curiosities from the villagers in a bizarre, and fortunate, twist of fate.

Well rested and somewhat resupplied, the Lone Mountain Boys have yet to make a decision about which course of action to take next.

Session 1 Map

Session 2

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