Session 1

Beginning Map

The Lone Mountain Bunker Colony, having decided to end its generations-long policy of isolationism, prepared to send the third group of explorers out into the wasteland. This year the group was larger than usual. The representatives from the Bunker were Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, Cookie and Maduro. All fine specimens of humanity (well except maybe Johnnie) equipped with the best remnants of technology of the Ancients the elders had to offer. The colony sent some of the more interesting citizens Van/Cleef – a two headed green mutant, Simon “Ears” Greyfunk, Larc the Unlikeable, and the mutant ape Curious George.

The council gave the vague orders to explore the outside world, reporting back if and when anything of importance was found or learned. The only concrete rule was that the explorers were not to let any creatures in the outside world know of the existence, and certainly not the location, of the Bunker Colony.

Equipped with a small map from 5 generations past the group decided to head to the west-south-west to verify the existence of what appeared to be a river. The trip started uneventfully and the group descended out of the mountains. The river did exist, as well as an old trail that appeared to parallel the river on the far bank. Unfortunately attempts to cross the river were stymied, first by monstrous predators the group later learned are called ‘Vile Slashers’, and again by a school of mutated Giant Piranhas.

Following the flow of the river northward the explorers found a large patch of mushroom flowers. Curious George, being brave and, well, curious, tasted one. It turned out to be delicious and filling. The explorers filled their empty sacks with this rare treat. Unfortunately another denizen of the wild was attempting to enjoy the mushrooms at the same time, a giant, feral wolf. Despite the fearsome appearance and speed of the animal, the party made short work of the beast, prompting the GM to make a note to reexamine the HD of monsters and combat section of the core rulebook before next session.

Just before nightfall the intrepid adventurers crested a hill and were able to see the lake marked on their map as well as some buildings. A settlement on the far side and a lone building just a short distance away. Deciding to camp and explore the lone building the next day the group set up watches. Early in the night the camp was approached by a band of Suidoid, anthropomorphic pigs with four arms. The Suidoid were very friendly and shared much of what they knew about the river valley with the group, including the name of the settlement across the lake; Mik Owster, some of the various dangerous creatures in the area and the possibility that further settlements exist to the north of Mik Owster. The party also exchanged the location of the mushroom field for a suit of serviceable chainmail, albeit with two extra arm holes conveniently placed over the vulnerable kidneys of a normal human…

After saying goodbye to the Suidoid and learning they could invoke the leader’s (Lar Doe) friendship in the future, the Lone Mountain boys moved in on the lone structure of the Ancients. After a deliberate period of observation Jim Beam noticed a Servant-of-the-Old-Ones (a robot) diligently guarding the perimeter of the structure. Larc tried to sneak in and block the robots patrol but drew unwanted attention of the sentinel in the process. Jim Beam entered an out building and found some interesting ancient items. Unsure of their original use, the group decided they would make excellent ammunition for their slings. The party regrouped on the west side to plan their next course of action.

Session 1 Map

Session 1

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