Mik Owster

A small village on the north bank of a lake near the Lone Mountain Bunker Colony

Medium Village (300 population). Fishing/Farming/Logging. Barter Economy. Merchants occasionally visit.

Built amongst pre-holocaust town

Village Leader Simon – PH, old middle age, lots of wives, elected

Village Shaman Pol – PH, Simons brother-in-law. Village worships a mysterious wanderer that saved the village 4 generations ago. Have a crude statue of him in a centeral hut.

Pol has need of outsiders to retrieve him a supply of sweetwater from a well in the middle of hex 33.22. He doesn’t want any of the villagers to know where it is or they may take his position. He can’t go himself, he has severe gout in his leg.

Feathers – MA Pelican. Crazy bird that catches alot of fish out of the lake and flies around the whole general area of Mik Owster fairly regularly.

Pigmen are terrorizing village.

Mik Owster

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