Character Creation

You can get a .pdf of the art-free core rules from Goblinoid Games free of charge here:

1. Beginning characters are from the Lone Mountain Bunker or Colony. You can read about this place if you want. Lone Mountain Bunker Colony

2. If not, proceed with rolling 3d6, and applying them to your ability, in order.

3. Choose Race. You can start as a Pure Strain Human, Mutant Human or Mutant Animal (Mutant Animals are rare – probably unique unless another player makes one – in Lone Mountain). Also, Pure Humans will gain a small equipment bonus at the start of play. You must also decide if you grew up in the Bunker or as part of the Colony. Only Pure Humans can choose the Bunker, although they may choose the Colony as well.

4. Roll any and all Mutations randomly. You can voluntarily roll less but not after you have rolled them. i.e. no ‘dropping’ mutations.

5. Roll starting money (3d8x10) randomly then purchase equipment from the standard list on pages 16 and 17 of the Mutant Future book.

6. Post your character in the Player Characters section of the forum.

7. Die horribly in the Wasteland!

Character Creation

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